Doctor Who is near it’s 50th anniversary special, so before we welcome Peter Capaldi openly into our hearts as number 12, let’s revisit some of the creepy beasts that the 11th Doctor brought us.

Assuming you’re completely caught up and ready to roll with the new episode, let’s proceed! Otherwise, there’s some binge watching you need to catch up on…if only we had a TARDIS for more time…



Cherub Weeping Angels

The Doctor and his companions are engulfed into a mystery regarding a New York hotel called the Winter Quay which is inhabited by Weeping Angels, the terrifying statue assassins that have the ability to send you back in time with a touch.

During the episode, Rory Williams gets thrown into a basement, with nothing but matches. Unlike the typical Angels that were born from the episode “Blink,” Rory is surrounded by giggling Cherub statues. He is able to light matches to look at the statues, which put them in a time-lock so they can’t move, but as every match goes out, they get closer and closer.

Great. Thank you Doctor Who. Thank you so much for brilliantly giving me the major creeps.



The Peg Dolls 

This was actually the first episode I had caught on TV for the 11th Doctor. It was sort of a weird time where I wasn’t ready to move on from David Tennant (I don’t know if I ever really did), but watching this got me ready for more Matt Smith and got me back into watching the show.

Mark Gatiss, who also writes and stars in BBC’s Sherlock, wrote this particular episode and included his fear of dolls. Their terrifying dead eyes are already working against them, but also they’re life-sized and can can turn you into a doll with a touch. What is with these Doctor Who Baddies and touching?!

The Silence 

I think besides the Weeping Angels, the Silence is one of the most interesting concepts to come into play with Steven Moffat at the helm. He indeed made scarier villains and like the Angels, the Silence have some psychological tricks that make them more than just aggressive soldiers.

The Silence are based from Edvard Munch famous painting of “The Scream” and are very tall and have large, shriveled hands. People who look upon them instantly forget seeing them the moment they turn away, but whatever the Silence suggests can easily persuade one’s decision making. They have been living on earth since before mankind, secretly directly human evolution.

The Doctor and his companions make use of counting how many of the Silence are around them by drawing tally marks on themselves. We, as the audience, are left in suspense until we finally get a true glimpse at them. What we see isn’t just one monstrous figure, ready to electrocute us into oblivion, but a whole group, sleeping upside down on the ceiling. When you randomly see tally marks on your arms, I hope you have a Time Lord nearby to save you.



Time Zombies 

The TARDIS gets captured by brothers looking to salvage it, and the Doctor agrees to help them if they assist him in locating Clara Oswald who is trapped in the time machine’s labyrinth-like infrastructure. As they go on, they are being followed by malformed, ash-ridden humanoids with fiery eyes.

Do you ever get worried and afraid about the future and the person you might turn out to be? Well imagine that person creeping out of a time leak and chasing you until you experience the same horrible fate! This episode shows that as much as the TARDIS is a dream for any adventurer, like many things, it’s a powerful force not to be taken lightly. Don’t play with fire, unless you want to get burned. Oh…I see what they did there.



The Crooked Man 

As the Doctor and Clara investigate the mysterious specter in the Caliburn  House, not only are they haunted by a reoccurring ghostly presence, but there is definitely something else lurking in the shadows.

The “ghost” turns out to be a woman stuck in a pocket universe, but she is being chased by the same monster that haunts the Caliburn House. In the end, the revealed Crooked Man ends up being a misunderstood creature seeking the mate he got separated from. The disfigured anatomy of the Crooked Man is something that makes this “Old Romeo” so memorable. With the Doctor’s help, the couple can live crookedly ever after!




Smilers (Security Monitoring Integrated Liability Enabler) dwell on board the Starship UK. They are initially in booths, judging the fates of adults who break the law, though every five years, the residents of the Starship UK have the option to learn the truth about where they live.  They have the option to forget, but if they choose to learn the truth, these scary androids feed the adults to the Star Whale that is carrying the ship.

Smilers are also able to leave their booths and although they are merely soldiers doing a larger bidding, I wish I could forget how horrifying their faces look. These guys put fear back into those fortune telling booths. Are those even still around or have they all got up and walked away? Yeesh.



Mr. Clever

This was one of my favorite performances of Matt Smith as the Doctor. In the episode, a Cyber Planner takes control of the Doctor, and although he has some access to the information in the Doctor’s head, he only half-possess him.

The Doctor and Mr. Clever play a literal and mental of chess as each one makes a strategic move to take over the other. Although Mr. Clever retains the Doctor’s spastic persona, he’s far more arrogant and ruthless, almost having complete access to the Doctor’s memories. The Doctor is able to outwit him, but having one of the most powerful forces in the universe being controlled by the Cybermen probably would be the most terrifying monster ever.

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