Throughout 11 years of Heroclix, 11 years of “who-would-wins” and grudge matches, friendly competition and all-out war, the ultimate prize has been the chase figure. More than 130 have been released, each its own small wonder. Below, we break down the 6 that are definitely worth your time (and cash).


6)  Iron Man and Iron Patriot

Regardless of your feelings toward Iron Man 3, you’ve got to appreciate Iron Man and Iron Patriot teaming up. And in the film’s gravity feed set, the chase figure was the two back-to-back, ready to unleash the hurt. Of course, that’s exactly what they do. This figure is 400 points—it could effectively fight off Thanos.With a ridiculous 5 clicks of Impervious and 12 attack, as well as a minimum 3 damage, Iron Man and Iron Patriot have stats off the charts. The combat capability of this figure locks it in at No. 6.


5) Bilbo Baggins

The final chase figure in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’s set, this character is one of the most unique chases ever produced. For one, he has traited Stealth, meaning he can hide in hindering terrain on every single click. He also boasts a plethora of other powers allowing him to sneak around—most importantly, Leap/Climb and Super Senses. Bilbo is untouchable when he’s running around, making him perfect for a sneak attack on the enemy. On top of his incredible specialized skills, his sculpt is eye-catching. Bilbo’s represented as a smoke-colored translucent little man, accurate to the film and a standout on your shelf.


4) Black Hand

Oh, Black Hand, the creepiest supervillain of all time. Clocking in at 111 points, Black Hand can effectively move health around the board with his special power “Avatar of the Black.” After any opposing character is KO’d near him, he can heal one of his allies. So he can literally use death to heal people. Absolutely nuts. Even cooler, he has a final click of all black powers. So while Black Hand Outwits your defense, he can regenerate, steal some life energy from another character, or sneak away with Stealth. Black Hand absolutely captures the essence of his character, and his special power places him at No. 4.


3) Weapon X

Wolverine has arguably the most tragic history of all of Marvel’s characters. Years of animalistic wandering, fighting in World War II, his son’s brainwashing … and being imprisoned in Canada as a living experiment, Unit 731-style. This figure allows the recreation of his violent escape. He’s got 4 clicks of mostly 0s in the stats department-but just enough to move around a bit. This is until click 5, when Wolverine explodes into action, tearing up the battlefield with constant Battle Fury and Blades/Claws/Fangs, on top of an opening 12 attack. In close combat, he’s unstoppable. For only 72 points, he’s capable of taking down big hitters like Superman or Hulk. In addition to his incredible combat capability, his sculpt is absolutely wonderful. He’s submerged in his containment tank, popping his claws. Overall, a great comic-accurate mechanic and neat sculpt place him neatly at No. 3.


2) Dr. Doom and Kang

2012’s Chaos War is considered one of the best Modern Age sets on the market. One of its greatest features is its 9 chases, each with at least two characters. However, arguably one of the best is Dr. Doom and Kang. Two of the Marvel universe’s most feared enemies, on one base, at 300 points. It’s a great tentpole figure, dealing an average of 4 damage, backed up by a healthy serving of Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Ranged Combat Expert. Plus, it’s Dr. Doom and Kang. What’s not to love?


1) Avengers Prime

Was there really any other candidate for No. 1? Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. On one base. Nuff’ said.


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