Comics fans are not easy to please. That particular brand of geek is a rabid sort, quick to anger and tough to impress. Combine comics fans with miniatures fans, and you’ve got yourself a cocktail of emotions ranging from “this sucks” to “this is terrible” to “how could they” to “how dare they”, and so on. So for Wizkids, the creators of the popular miniatures game Heroclix, sometimes a specific set of figures is much-maligned by the community. Below we show off a few of the sets that didn’t deserve the hate.

Critical Mass

This is widely considered the worst Heroclix set ever. It features characters like Hepzibah and Ulik , most sculpts are boring standing poses, and the dials were pretty weak in their time. Of course now they’re jokes. But Critical Mass was actually a vey important set. It introduced the galactic element of the Marvel Universe, providing versions of Adam Warlock, Ronan the Accuser, Captain Marvel and a lot of other cool spacefaring characters, and even Galactus! In addition, it gave fans a Hulk that had a huge gun and could play very competitively. Again, Hulk, with a gun. How is this a bad set?


Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold set was tore into by most fans. Reason being, the sculpts were generally just the character standing up with his hands to his sides. Almost every figure had some variation on that boring pose, even speedsters like Kid Zoom and agile warriors like Talia al Ghul. Although the sculpts were disappointing, this set deserves a break. First, the characters in this set were almost all phenomenal choices and fan favorites. There was everyone from Etrigan to Black Flash to the Holiday Killer. In addition, there were a ton of amazing duo figures-like Shazam! and Black Adam or Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Collateral Damage

Okay, how in the name of Thanos is Collateral Damage considered a bad set? Sure, the dials were bad. Sure, a lot of the characters weren’t very exciting. But there was a giant, 1800 point Spectre figure! A sculpt of Clayface running through a brick wall! The first ever Black Mask! And best of all, Supermans Red and Blue. This set is flawed, but for fans of the more eclectic members of the DC Universe, this set was great.



Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk set was widely criticized. Mostly because it seemed super boring. There were 66 figures, and a good 30 were B-list rejects, characters that lasted one or two issues in the late-60s and never returned to prominence (I’m looking at you, Tiger Shark.) However, there were a good bit of very cool figures. There were creative alter egos, like the Marines that could “Hulk Out” and become close combat powerhouses. There was a group of Punisher figures that could replace each other, so that Punisher could use a sniper rifle for long range encounters and an assault rifle up close. One of the most underrated aspects of the set was the great 60’s vibe. We got Modern Age Ka-Zar and Shanna, a Wolverine in street clothes, Daredevil, and John Jameson/Man-Wolf. This set was criticized for its lack of interesting characters, but a second look reveals tons of opportunities for great theme teams and creative strategies.


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