Jason Aaron closed out 2013 on a high note—his Thor: God of Thunder made it to just about every year-end best-of list. The Alabama-born writer started his career in a rather unconventional way. He won a Marvel Comics talent contest in 2001, earning the opportunity to write an eight-page backup in an issue of Wolverine.
Luck and talent struck again when DC’s Vertigo accepted his blind submission of The Other Side, a series that landed him an Eisner nomination. This paved way for his groundbreaking series Scalped. Currently, Aaron is continuing with Thor: God of Thunder and Amazing X-Men. He is also at the helm of Marvel’s major crossover event Original Sin. In April, Aaron will team up with legendary artist Jason Latour for the Image Comics series Southern Bastard. We were thrilled when Jason Aaron took the time to answer this weeks Three Questions.


You’re a Kansas City guy. How much BBQ do you consume on a regular basis, and most of all, where is your favorite BBQ spot?

I certainly eat my share. Mostly beef, these days. Growing up in the South, it was all about the pork. But Kansas City has always been a cow town, so now I’m all about the sliced brisket and burnt ends. As for my favorite KC BBQ  joint, it’s Oklahoma Joes, hands down. I recommend the Z-Man sandwich.


What has been you latest geek obsessions ?

Pro wrestling. I was big into wrestling as a kid, back in the heyday of Hulk Hogan and Superfly Snuka, but I hadn’t watched any of it in probably 25 years. Then my son recently got into it, though some Undertaker matches he saw on Youtube. So through him I’ve spent the last couple months getting caught up on basically everything in wrestling I missed over those 25 years. And now he and I are watching the WWE together. I’m really digging the Wyatt Family, and no, it’s not just because I look like I could be one of them.


With all the comic books you are currently writing, do you take time out to play any video games?

The only video games I play are with my kid. We love all the LEGO games. We’d been looking forward to the Marvel one for a long time, and it definitely lived up to our expectations. We played the hell out of that. Right now, we’re having fun making lots of our own characters in the WWE 2K-14 game. So far, we’ve got guys like Green Death Man, the Big Ninja, the Lord of Giants, the Human Tank and Dr. Lobotomy.

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