image copyWonder Woman #24

Writen By Brian Azzarello
Drawn By Goran Sudzuk

This issue begins the next chapter of this ongoing epic. Before we get into Azzarello’s work in this issue, I want to comment on Sudzuka’s art. I do miss Cliff Chiang on this title, but I was happy to see Sudzuka deliver on every panel. There is not one negative word I can say about his art in this issue.

Azzarello takes a break from all the recent action to give us a slower paced issue full of great character development. Issue 23 left us with Wonder Woman becoming the new God of War after killing Ares (the previous God of War) and defeating First Born. These actions will soon have major consequences for Wonder Woman and her group of friends in issues to come.

This issue opens up with Apollo calling a meeting for all of his fellow Gods of Olympus, which now includes Wonder Woman due to her new title as God of War. Apollo plans to discuss the possibility of a potential war amongst the Gods. Wonder Woman wants no part of this. One of the highlights of the comic takes place when Hermes teleports himself and Wonder Woman from Olympus back to where she stays with Zola and Hera. Wonder Woman and her gang are pretty upset with Hermes, given his recent actions against them. Hermes attempts to make amends with the group, to no avail. This scene was great because Azzarello really makes the reader feel sympathetic for Hermes. The look on Wonder Woman’s face as Hermes leaves shows that she may eventually forgive him (she forgave Hera, why can’t she forgive Hermes?!).

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The second highlight of this issue is how Azzarello sets up the upcoming arc. At the end of the issue, Strife learns of the death of Ares, and she is not happy one bit. Strife is hurt that she is the only one who mourns for the previous God of War. She vows to make Wonder Woman pay for killing Ares. This is my favorite moment in the book because we get to see Strife display emotions that I didn’t think she was capable of. With this, Azzarello sets up an arc that I have been waiting 23 issues to see: Wonder Woman vs. Strife!

Wonder Woman #24 is a solid issue that gives every character a chance to shine. Azzarello gives us a considerable amount of good character moments and I am eager to see Wonder Woman go toe-to-toe with Strife.

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