cover_lgMunchkin Gets Promoted

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

Designer: Steve Jackson

Artist: John Kovalic

MSRP: $4.95


If you’re not playing Munchkin, you’re missing out. What was once a card game parodying Dungeons and Dragons has grown into a multi-genre gaming empire for its publisher, Steve Jackson games. You can cheerfully screw over your friends in a variety of settings, leaving the dungeon for space, the martial arts dojo, or a post apocalyptic world, amongst others.

Steve Jackson Games has been known to release stand alone editions and expansions for them, but has also branched out with the more standard card distribution method for those familiar with card games – booster packs. Munchkin isn’t a collectible card game, though; if you buy a booster, you’re getting the same 15 cards everyone else is. These are new cards to add to their corresponding Munchkin game, and they usually change gameplay in pretty interesting ways.

Munchkin Gets Promoted is unique as it contains cards for a variety of Steve Jackson games – ten of the cards feature standard fantasy backs (for use with original Munchkin, Munchkin Conan, the Target exclusive Munchkin Legends, and the new Munchkin Pathfinder), but you get three cards for the popular Munchkin Zombies as well, as a card each for Munchkin Apocalypse and Munchkin Cthulhu.

Most of the cards in this pack are reprints of promo cards from throughout the runs of these games- assembling this set with the original promos would be a lot more costly than the $4.95 you’ll be spending on this pack; three of the cards are also all-new exclusives. What we get is worth it if you have the corresponding Munchkin sets – some of these cards are pretty devious.

Specifically, one of the Zombies cards and one of the fantasy backed cards allow new ways to gain levels that can either win the game outright or get you really, really close to doing so. A few of the fantasy backed cards lend themselves to a really nasty combo that will kill you, but possibly have you win the game doing so. Good times.

If you’re an avid Munchkin collector that has been buying up every promo card you can get your hands on, this set really isn’t for you. This is more of a way for newer players, or players that don’t go to conventions or want to buy promo cards for inflated prices on ebay.

Cards in this series:


  • Reality TV
  • Alien Dating Service


  • Disaster! Giant Flies
  • Disaster! Martian BBQ
  • Tidal Wave Saucer
  • Heat Ray Saucer
  • Ice Ray Saucer
  • Claw Saucer
  • Monster Bugs
  • Robot Terror


  • Martian Zap Rifle
  • Giant Spiky Feet
  •  Martian Helmet
  • Martian Armor
  • Shrinking Ray






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