blackscience01_coverA-474x720 Black Science #1

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Matteo Scalera, Dean White
Publisher: Image
Cover Price: $3.50


This has been an exciting year for Image. The publisher has launched a variety of new books like East of West and Sex Criminals recently, and last month outsold both Marvel and DC’s best-selling titles combined with the 10th anniversary issue of The Walking Dead. This week, there’s only one new series from Image. It’s called Black Science, and it’s something to be excited about.

Black Science is the story of Grant McKay. He’s a scientist who has managed to trap himself and his team in one of possibly infinite parallel dimensions. We’re following his fight to get everyone home, and keep them, and himself, alive. The fight isn’t easy, as their equipment hurtles them through the multiverse. It sounds like pure vintage sci-fi, and it’s exactly the kind of story comic books had a monopoly on before movie studios could render alien worlds on computers.

Black-Science-001-004 Black-Science-001-007

The story is by Punisher and Venom writer Rick Remender, who also worked as an animator on the underappreciated Titan A.E movie. The books feels like Flash Gordon, or an episode of Quantum Leap, and the script has great pace. There are a couple of scenes in this issue where the script has such urgency to it; it feels like you’re being dragged along on the chase. It’s very clever, and reminded me a lot of the script to the first issue of Satellite Sam, another Image title from this year. For story, there’s not a whole lot given away in this issue. There is a lot going on, but I feel that Remender is only scratching the surface of McKay’s tale. I loved the scene from the middle of this book with the frog people that feature on cover A (and kind of on cover B). With the writer’s imagination steering the story through the multiverse, however, there is a chance that the frog people won’t be seen again.

Black-Science-001-010 Black-Science-001-011

The art is by Matteo Scalera (Indestructible Hulk, Secret Avengers) and Dean White (Uncanny X-Force). I can’t praise the artwork enough. It’s beautiful. Black Science is all about crazy, messed up parallel universes, and both Scalera and White work wonders. The backdrops are engaging, and the character designs are brilliant. My favourite pages, for the art alone, bookend this issue at the front and back.

Black Science is a really promising new book, with an exceptionally talented crew behind it. Image may have another hit on their hands here.


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