imageBatman and Two-Face #24

Written by: Peter Tomasi
Art By: Patrick Gleason

I love Two-Face. I am a die-hard Harvey fan, and he will always have a special place in my comic book loving heart. Batman and Two-Face #24, written by Peter Tomasi and penciled by Patrick Gleason, is part one of five in an arc that features everyone’s favorite ex-politician.

Tomasi and Gleason do a great job capturing the disturbing nature of Harvey in the first few pages. Tomasi then introduces us to Erin Mckillen. She is the tough and brutal leader of one of Gotham’s many crime families. Chances are high that there will be some relation between Mckillen and Carrie Kelly since this arc is also advertised as the origin of Carrie Kelly. The arc deals with the Gotham crime families set to “retake” Gotham, and Two-Face is in their way. The mobsters come to the conclusion that Mckillen must be the bait to draw out Two-Face. These mobsters didn’t just pick her for any reason. Mckillen and Harvey have a past and a lot of hatred for each other. Tomasi then gives us the first glimpse of the relationship between Mckillen and Dent.

Two-Face’s new origin is revealed in this issue. I don’t want to give away too much, but this origin is very different from past ones. The details of Two-Face’s origin will be a major part of this arc.

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 The art in Batman and Two-face is hit or miss, with a little more hit than miss. Gleason draws detailed pictures of Two-Face in some panels, and on the next page nobody has eyes. The colors by Kalisz do a great job setting the tone of this book.

I do have one complaint with this issue. Early in the book, Bruce suspects Ra’s for stealing Damian and Talia’s bodies from their graves. My complaint is when Bruce says that dealing with the crime families is more important than solving the mystery of who stole Damian and Talia’s body. I find it hard to believe that Batman would just toss aside the fact that his son’s body was just stolen from his grave.

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This new arc has potential to be something great as long as Tomasi goes deeper into the motives of each character involved. Batman and Two-Face #24 sets up the key players to the first arc dedicated to Harvey Dent in the New 52. The art has its high and lows, and the big reveal seems a bit forced, but Batman and Two-Face has potential to be a promising battle for Gotham.

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