Infinity #6

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Jim Cheung
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $5.99


The final showdown between Thanos and Avengers takes place in this issue, along with the fate of Thane,a quality ending to one of the best Marvel events in recent history (which was much needed after Age of Ultron).

With time running out, the Illuminati go to rescue Black Bolt while the Avengers must save Earth from the evil that is Thanos. Black Bolt has been great throughout the entire event, but he is now in great danger. The pacing of the two battles is done really well. This issue (like most of the event) reads like a blockbuster movie. Every hero gets their moment to shine in battle. The Black Order is a worthy opponent against the Avengers. Towards the end of the book, Thanos takes on Thor. This battle, though short, has some of the coolest set of panels in the entire event.

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At the end of this issue, we are given the fate of Thane. Thane is a character that has really grown on me in this event. Thane adds a level of depth to a usually flat character in Thanos. Thane is not someone to mess with. As shown in earlier issues, Thane is extremely powerful. His power is to be respected by all, even Thanos.

Hickman ends Infinity on a fairly good note. Even though the Avengers and the Illuminati have won, there are still problems that need to be solved. This helps to set up the next arc for New Avengers. We also see the beginning of a new age for Inhumans, and a follow up on what happened to the warriors who fought alongside the Avengers.

The art in this issue is awesome. The fight scenes look great. This is no surprise though; Cheung always delivers.

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This has been one of the best Marvel events in recent memory. The pace was great and it read like a blockbuster summer movie. With that said, it is not without its faults. There are just so many things going on that it does get confusing at times. The tie-ins with Avengers and New Avengers are just too much, 16 issues total to read. The builders are confusing and their actions never seem to be justified, they seem to be evil for the sake of being evil. The main heroes of the story did not receive enough screen time in the issues of Infinity. I really wanted to see more of Dr. Strange and Beast. Black Bolt had some awesome moments and Hickman shows us why he deserves to be respected. This event was a fun read and I would recommend this to anyone, but be warned, you will have to do your research and be caught up on New Avengers and Avengers before diving into this event.

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