While some look forward to February’s famous holiday of hearts, I think a decent amount of us are anticipating the return of something darker and let’s be honest, far more awesome! The Walking Dead on AMC returns from their mid-season 4 break on February 9th to help answer some serious questions and continue their zombie-infested journey for survival.

If you’re not entirely caught up, this is your chance to turn around. Otherwise, let’s move forward and recap on my list of Walker kills from Season 4 so far…don’t look back.


Squishy Walker 2Honorable Mention – Squishy Walker from “Infected”

Walkers killing Walkers? This was more of an accident than an intentional kill, but it was one of my favorite Walker effects this season. While the undead overrun the fence like a Metallica concert, an innocent zombie bystander gets his cranium cut into like an egg slicer. As his eye just pops out, I look down at my bowl of grapes and reconsider everything. Yikes! At least that’s one less Walker to worry about.


Michonne + Maggie  + Carl Team-up from “Infected”

After Cellblock D gets hit with Walkers, Michonne comes riding back into the prison on her steed. She gets overtaken by two Walkers, but Carl manages to shoot one. Michonne struggles with the Lady Walker on top of her which she manages to flip her onto a spike, injuring her own ankle. Maggie gives the impaled lady the final shot to the head. We all know Michonne to be a unforgiving warrior, but it was nice to see her vulnerable side in this episode. She disagrees with the assistance initially, but ultimately accepts that support from the people that care about her. Not to mention, she flipped a Walker over herself! Her crazy workouts are paying off.

Near Death Experience Daryl from the episode “Too Far Gone”

I know everyone held their breath during this scene. Daryl is firing from cover at the Governor’s troops while a Walker approaches him from behind. He gets close enough to lunge at Daryl’s neck and suddenly it cuts to the intense fight between the Governor and Rick. As all of us panic for air, we see exactly why Daryl is the MVP of this team. After an arrow to the head, Daryl uses the Walker as a meat shield to get close enough to throw a grenade to his shooters. Of course he would have grenades! From zombie guts on an apron to Michonne’s pets to Daryl’s shield, the good utilization of a Walker should never go unnoticed!



Hershel the Hero from the episode, “Internment”

In this episode, Hershel is not only tending to the sick, but doing his best to keep morale up. When he wheels the dead from the cellblock, he doesn’t ever make the kill until Glenn and Sasha are too sick to help. When chaos overtakes the Death Row block, Hershel pulls out a shotgun. He sees Lizzy staring and becomes conscious of her presence, so rather than dealing killing blows there, he leads the Walkers to a secluded room and does away with them. Although we don’t get to see these Walker kills on screen, the effort put into that moment by Hershel’s character totally defines him. He’ll always be our one-legged hero, and in honor of him, always have your Spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesdays.


The Mighty Hammer of Tyreese from “Isolation”

Tyreese is completely enraged after finding his girlfriend’s charred corpse and to make things even worse, his sister gets sick. After joining up with Daryl, Michonne, and Bob, we see how reckless his anger and grief makes him. As the group abandons their car after it gets surrounded by Walkers, Tyreese doesn’t move one bit. When he finally snaps out of it, he’s swarmed with Walkers. At this point, he cares less about escaping then he does killing all of them which he does with a standard-size hammer. He delivers fatal hits left and right, possibly channeling the Nordic God of Thunder himself…actually he’s probably just really, really angry. The group makes their way out of the horde and turns to find him following not far behind. He may be a lose canon, but he’s definitely a survivor!


Like Father, Like Son from “Internment”

Carl has come a long way from that annoying kid who wouldn’t stay in the house. Finally in this episode, we truly see him become the support Rick really needs. As the fences come crashing down, Rick seeks Carl’s help as they arm themselves with automatic rifles and blast away at the onslaught of incoming Walkers. Carl holds his own and you can see in Rick’s eyes that he believes in him wholeheartedly. Maybe Carl’s personality isn’t going to mirror the Governor’s or Shane’s which is what Rick probably feared. Plus, together they killed a whole mess of zombies. At the mid-season finale, Rick is severely injured after the prison attack so maybe we can see more of Carl stepping up to the plate to take care of stuff (and thangs).

Marksman Maggie from “Internment”

When some of the dead come back to life in Hershel’s sick cellblock, Maggie tries to axe her way in. After much struggle, she’s finally able to shoot through and find her dad, wrestling with a Walker that has a bag valve mask still in his mouth. Maggie aims and Hershel screams out to not risk it because if the bag pops, Glenn’s a goner. In that moment, we know she’s more determined than ever and takes the shot, killing the Walker and saving the bag. Like Carl in this episode, we see the amount of support each character can give especially depicted through father and son, and in father and daughter.

The Governor Six Feet Under from “Live Bait”

The Governor or “Brian” finds shelter with a surrogate family that keeps him mentally and emotionally occupied. He adopts the daughter in the family, Meghan, who he treats as his own. In a scene where they’re trying to outrun Walkers, they fall into a pit. The Governor kills 3 of them with his bare hands. The final kill is probably my new favorite way to do finish off a zombie and that is by putting a bone in its mouth and ripping off the top of its face. Wow, just wow. Even though at this point in the season, we were all questioning the Governor’s sense of morality, we definitely know that he will do whatever he can to protect what’s his, and like Daryl and Michonne, he is (or was) a killing force to be reckoned with.

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