When it comes to dating, women tend to have a “type” that they stick to. Be it unwashed, ultra-skinny guys in awful bands; a suave, GQ business executive; or a blue-collar country boy, ladies can get tunnel vision when it comes to what kind of man we are looking for. I am here to offer up an option that may not have occurred to some women before: a guy who has been hiding in plain sight this whole time. They are all around you, fixing your computer, furiously taking notes in physics, and standing in front of the theater for the midnight premiere of Awesome Comic Book Superhero Movie X. The sweet and humble geek.

He may not be the loudest or have the most flair, but what he lacks in showmanship he makes up for in substance. Here are a few reasons you should broaden your horizons and see if there is love waiting for you in the world of geek boys.



1) Geeks Are Passionate

When geeks get into something, they get WAY into it. They watch every episode. They find every Easter egg. They delve deep into the forums. They trade the bootlegs. They read the short story that inspired the comic book that the movies are based on. They get the T-shirts and the bumper stickers and the plushies. They get every expansion and limited edition exclusive. Nerds are all about passion. In fact, one of the markers of geekery itself is loving the things you love unabashedly. You won’t ever have to wonder how a nerd feels about you or where you stand with him. Geeks wear their love on their sleeves, along with a matching hoodie.



2) Geeks Are loyal

There is no such thing as a fair-weather nerd. When a geek chooses a side—Star Trek vs Star Wars, Marvel vs DC, Breaking Bad vs Game of Thrones—they stay dedicated. Do you know any nerds who liked something for a week and then moved on? No, you don’t. Because it has never happened in the history of the world ever. Even if season 4 was weak, even if a character acts out of alignment, a geek won’t stray. If your boo loves Superman, he will defend him to the end. He won’t be swayed by any ol’ new comer in a cape. And when a geek loves you, you can expect the same dedication.



3) Geeks Notice Details

Most women, myself included, have a story about a time when an expensive new dress or chic new haircut went unnoticed by a significant other. Nerds notice. The little details are important to geeks. Why else would they painstakingly hand paint miniatures the exact correct shade of blue? Why do they know which Bat-stories feature Tim Drake as Robin and which have the ill-fated Jason Todd? Because nothing is trivial in a nerd world of facts and stats. Details matter. And paying attention is one way a geek shows that something is important to him. So when you change your hair color from cinnamon to nutmeg, trust me, your nerd will take note.



4) Geeks Respect Women

Is there anything as frustrating as being dismissed, talked down to, even overlooked just because of your gender? If you are looking for a man who will treat you like an equal (or better) come to the geekside. Geeks come from a world where women are respected and reveared. They are starship captains and vampire slayers. They are warrior princesses and humanity’s last hope. He has gamed as Lara Croft and Juliet Starling. He’ll even role play as a girl (so long as it is bad-ass Rogue-Mage girl). Truth is, in a future world of aliens, mutants, alternate realities, and robots with human-like emotions, the concept of traditional gender roles goes right out the window.



5) Geeks Have No Pretense

Nerdiness may have gotten trendy in recent years, but those bespectacled guys in the Abercrombie & Fitch ads aren’t true nerds. A real geek doesn’t care about looking cool. He doesn’t feel the need to put up a front to impress strangers. A nerd is always truly himself. He wears what he wants to wear, plays what he wants to play, and if you don’t like it, well, he is too busy bagging and boarding to care. What you see is what you get. It can be refreshing to date a guy who is comfortable in his own skin instead of one who is constantly worrying putting on a façade for his bros. He may even be able to teach you a thing or two about caring a little less about what others think.

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