Besides geeking out over Mega Evolutions and the 3D battling, Pokemon X & Y have really brought a breath of new life to the franchise. I have been an avid Pokemon fan since the beginning, and I feel like over the years with the good designs, always comes the very-far-from-it. Pokemon has always been this elemental spin on animals, mythology, technology, and nature. For example, Raikou down here from the 2nd Pokemon Generation (Gold, Silver, Crystal) looks like an amazing creative spin on a tiger.


 Now from the more recent Black/White generation, we have this trio of legendary genies: Tornadus, Landorus, and Thundurus. They all have a misplaced tentacle coming out of their cloud which covers their lower body, except for the last guy who has…beads?! Don’t even ask me about this.


 Well truthfully, there are tons of Pokemon now (over 700) to collect. You don’t have to have these NSFW genies on your team. In all honestly, you get to choose who travels in your Rat Pack  of 6 and does it matter what they look like? No. Does is matter that they win battles for you? In terms of the progression of the story – ABSOLUTELY. With that, I’d like to show you my top picks for the Pokemon in the newest game who have a little of both: great design and Eye-of-the-Raikou potential. Play on!



(Picture Above: “Talonflame”  by All0412)

Unlike Moltres and Ho-Oh, the two Legendaries that are firebirds, Fletchling is a Pokemon that can commonly be caught early on like Pidgey. As  the cute bird evolves into Fletchinder, then reaches its final form, Talonflame, it begins to resemble an falcon. What I love about it is that the artists maintained the simple structure of a bird and added just the right about of character into the design to make it look like a Pokemon. I have a Talonflame on my team and she’s a beast. She flies me places and throws down on some fools with Flamethrower and Aerial ace. What a gal!



(Picture Above: “Pokemon: Tyrantrum”  by mark331)

As a trainer, I’m sitting in a fashionable cafe, taking a break from long hours of traveling by rollerblades. Suddenly ripples appears in my coffee and whatever is causing them is getting closer and closer. Who is disrupting my study on Chaos Theory? Oh, it’s just the awesome resurrected dinosaur-like fossil, Tyrantrum! Tyrantrum is the closest resembling Pokemon in the game to look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex so it already deserves automatic cool points. Its spiky and ridged exterior accentuates its role as a Rock/Dragon-type. Like the previous games in the series, you get to choose from two fossils you want: the Jaw Fossil or the Sail Fossil. The restored Jaw Fossil is the baby dino, Tyrunt which evolves into Tyrantrum. I have one of these guys on my team as well and as long as you stay away from those strong water Pokemon, show off your Earthquake or Dragon Rage skills and you’ll be just fine. Hold on to your butts!



 (Picture Above: “Dragalge- Sea dragon”  by wyvernsmasher)

Evolving from the Water/Poison-type, Skrelp, at Level 48, Dragalge is the only Pokemon to be Dragon/Poison-type. It resembles a leafy seadragon, but of course has unique colors and looks angry like much of the Pokemon family (i.e. Charizard, Gyarados, Seadra, etc.). I love that Dragalge looks deadly, but carries this air of elegance. It’s an awesome addition to any team and can double up as a Pokemon who can Surf and use Waterfall. With an array of attacks from Hydro Pump to Sludge Bomb to Dragon Pulse, Dragalge can easily poison its opponent and finish it with a strong attack.  Hopefully the opposing team has some Antidote on them, otherwise they’ll be sleeping with the fishes…or at the least, going to the Pokemon Center.



(Picture Above: “.:MegaCharizard X:.”  by xHystericMoonDragonx)

Although Squirtle is one of my favorites and my automatic choice during my X gameplay, it made me a little sad when I didn’t choose Charmander to experience this transformation which I discovered after the fact. Maybe I can still trade someone for a Charmander…typing up a Missed Connection as we speak. “You, the fire Pokemon inside of the Pokeball. Me, the trainer who didn’t choose you…” Like Darth Vader and Batman, there’s always something classically cool about rocking the black. In Y, the Mega Charizard evolution just gives it extra wings and a little extra bone mass, but I love this alternate dark look in X. Not only are the colors completely different, but it almost completely changes the identity of Charizard. For both Mega Evolutions, Charizard finally becomes a Dragon-type, making him a super strong addition to your team. Unfortunately, when it turns Mega, its Dragon moves won’t be able to affect the next Pokemon on the list.

sylveon___moonblast_by_ishmam-d68puflTAKE NO PRISONERS: SYLVEON

(Picture Above: “Sylveon | Moonblast”  by ishmam)

Over the span of all the Pokemon generations, Eevee has eight different evolutions. When Eevee levels up with a Fairy-type move and has two Affection hearts in the Pokemon-Amie mini game, it evolves into the lovably pink, Sylveon. Sylveon maintains the body type of the Eevee evolutions, but establishes its own identity, looking like a gift wrapped for a 8 year old girl’s party. Nonetheless, this adorable new addition has the firepower to match its charm. Sylveon is the perfect introduction Pokemon into the brand new Fairy-type. Fairy-types are cuddly and cute, but also super strong. It is one of the few types that has a great advantage over Dragon-types which for generations has completely reigned over the games. So bust out those Fairy-types and win some badges!

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Jamie Rosales

Jamie Rosales graduated with a Bachelor's in TV/Film Studies. Aside from writing and doodling, she enjoys Norah Jones songs, mozzarella sticks, and the Cornetto Trilogy.